Paji is a musician and producer, domiciled in Berlin, who combines electronic music with classical Instruments. PAJI's music is the essence of pure joy and a result of his extraordinary passion and devotion to music, which manifets itself in an innovative electronic sound with classical influences.



New Single 'Awat' out now
25. November 2022

I’m very happy to announce my new release ‘Awat’ on my new label ‘Jîyan’ which translates from Kurdish to the word ‘life’. This is the very first release since my debut album which was published 3 years ago. As we all have felt it, the world has gone through a lot of changes in the past 3 years; a lot of adaptations, growth, pain, and hope. Since I can remember, music has always been a great way to express deep emotions and unspoken words. I hope you enjoy it.

06. December 2019

It‘s finally out! All my efforts and a whole year of work went into this project which represents my musical identity with all its facets. Every track on this album is special in its own way and an important part of the whole story.

Release date and label announcement
08. October 2019

I dedicated most of my time in 2019 working on the biggest project of my music career. The 11 tracker LP that is being released on the well respected label Katermukke is finally finished and mastered and will be released on December 6th of 2019. This will be the best way to finish up this beautiful, creative, and full of excitement year.

Paji album coming 2019
14. February 2019

Hey everyone, I know i’ve been pretty quite this year.. But that’s because i’m putting all my focus on finishing my very first LP, to be released early this year. I got to collaborate with amazing talent and am just filled with excitement in anticipation of sharing new music with you guys.


Ending My Year In Asia
28. December 2018

I’m still overwhelmed by the beauty of Asia and was more than happy to end my year with a Tour of this beautiful continent. Thank you so much to everyone who came and made these shows so unique and unforgettable. Thank you India, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore and Turkey!! I will make sure to be back soon.


Paji Remixes NTo
23. December 2018

I have been approached by the good people of Einmusika and was honoured to contribute a Remix of the song “Starlings” by N’to to celebrate their 10 year company anniversary. Follow the link to listen to it :)


First half of 2018…
14. August 2018
…is over. Wow! What an amazing Tour it has been: South Africa, Brazil, Russia, India, Scandinavia, Netherlands, Egypt, France, Jordan, Ukraine, Germany, Bolivia, Tunisia, Armenia, Turkey … and no matter where I went, the lovely people that showed up spoke the universal language of music. I can’t wait to be back and I am constantly working on new sounds to bring along with me. Thanks to everyone who came to see me live. 
Paji joins the Ledger Line Family
21. November 2017

I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined forces with a new booking Agency! Ledger Line Agency are now my new agents for the world.

See you on the road!
Katermukke 150 Compilation
04. September 2017

With the catalogue number 150 Katermukke says thank you and is pleased to bring up your hands another time! Besides artists like Dirty Doering, Einmusik, Christoph Schwarzwälder and many more Paji contributes one track. Check out 'Atacama' here:



PAJI releases a collaboration EP with LEXER
01. April 2017

'Floating Walk' EP released on Lexers imprint Wild Animal Records includind 'Red Puddle'.

Get your copies here:

Sharks in the Woods Remixes
21. December 2016

Originally composed by German live act and producer PAJI, 'Sharks In The Woods' lives on through two exceptional renditions. Not only does it get a lovely acoustic version, Mokita also offers an enchanting take on the record. All in all, a hat trick worth a tremendous amount of plays.

PAJI releases next Kittball EP together with Ante Perry
04. November 2016

Particularly established for his melodic compositions using different instrumental backgrounds and especially his electric violin as Live-Act, Kittballs current superhero and musical all-rounder Paji teamed up with Ante Perry from Dortmund, who belongs to the very long-term approved fellows since the early years of the label. Together they have conjured diagonal sounds resulting to a trippy tune in the original, which gets supported by two amazing remixes.

Get your copy here:

Full Video Release
14. August 2016

Good News for PAJI fans. The brand new Video of 'Sharks in the woods' was released.

PAJI releases his new single 'Sharks in the woods' feat. Yves Paquet on Armada Music
25. July 2016

As Germany-based live act and producer PAJI drops ‘Sharks In The Woods’, one of the most entrancing atmospheres of recent times hits up Armada Music. Embellished by Yves Paquet’s mesmerizingly warm voice, this record is one to put on repeat for hours on end. No matter how often you listen to it, you won’t ever get enough of it.

Listen or download this tune here:

PAJI releases his debut on Katermukke with his Climb EP
23. March 2016

Enough darkness and deep vibes. Katermukke is coming with a sunny and groovy EP by Paji. The “Climb“ EP is brining us direct to the beach, with a lot of melodies and organic sounds. The 2tracker is full of muscular beats and soft synth melodies and violin parts. While “Peak“ is really emotional, “Valley“ is more dancefloor orientated and fully packed with droning cords and straight claps.

Don't miss to listen to the full package here:

PAJI releases his next EP on Kittball Records
09. February 2016

Pajis totally new tracks Venom and Remedy assemble to the Venom EP, which pick up the deep strength of the previous release appealing his sets with the electric violin live since today. The title track is a further development of the opus, Remedy appears as an explosion of orchestral sounds and ensemble playing instead. Melodic, classical and characteristic piece of music to captivate you for the upcoming months!

Grab your copy here:

Wonderful to end the year in India!
05. January 2016

For sure, there are a lot of inferior closing events to the Sunburn festival which is nothing else but the biggest music event in whole Asia! Besides this stunning festival, PAJI also visited Goa in order to play at  Chronicle club while watching the sun goes down over the sea. 

Thank you all for your great support during 2015! I wish you and your families a great new year! See you in 2016!

German Brigante remixed Reliquia!
13. December 2015

German by name - Spanish by birth. Somehow or other, it does not matter where you come from to produceoutstanding electronic music. German´s sound is unmistakable and makes people move all around the world. Therefore it is a big honor for PAJI and Tube&Berger that this special musician puts his electronic hands on their co-production Reliquia. 

Follow this link to Beatport to get an impression of the track:

PAJI enchanted Amsterdam!
20. October 2015

During the world famous Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), PAJI performed his live set in Club NL. Inaddition to that PAJI also showed his class by presenting his outstanding electronic arrangements to the Beatport Stream. 

Watch his performance live here:

PAJI played at “South West 4”!
29. August 2015

For everyone who is crazy about electronic music, the South West 4 festival in London is a must go in summer. This year, PAJI played on the mainstage together with his buddies Tube&Berger. 

PAJI releases next EP OPUS 7!
07. August 2015

PAJI´s new EP "OPUS 7" has just been released on his home label Kittball Records. The unique work is featured by PAJI´s musical influences from different cultural backgrounds. While the title track represents classical themes within a techno-oriented spirit, the second track "Mandala" is touched by a shaky vibe with a liquid melody turning the overall tune in a progressive masterpiece. The EP stormed the top 20 of Beatport´s genre charts and got several excellent reviews of international music magazins (e.g. DJ MAG).

Don´t miss to grab a copy of PAJI´s new EP:

PAJI conjures the Old Gods with his new EP!
27. January 2015

After a successful last year, PAJI kickstarts his release schedule for 2015 with an epic double track EP. With "The Old Gods" PAJI created a production with epic proportions and celebrates a big success again since more than 100.000 people listened to his new work on Soundcloud yet. Besides the corresponent title track, PAJI pays homage to the German and Anglo-Saxxon deity with the second track "Wotan".

Don´t miss to listen to PAJI´s new EP on soundcloud:

New track Reliquia out now!
14. October 2014

Finally, Paji released his next track "Reliquia" in collaboration with his buddies of Tube&Berger on Kittball Records. The track is part of the EP "Entourage" which entered the top 20 of Beatport´s Tech House charts immediately. Happily, the EP also crackled the mark of 100.000 plays on Soundcloud. Don´t miss to listen to it here:

PAJI releases his next video!
01. September 2014

Good news for PAJI fans! The brand new video clip of PAJI´s latest track "Children of Love" was released. Take a slack summer trip by watching the video at

For more PAJI clips take a look to the category "VIDEOS" on that website!



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